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Interested in a countertop with the elegance of natural stone but without the maintenance of granite or marble?  Consider a quartz countertop from Designer Marble & Granite, your one-stop remodeling center serving Longboat Key, FL, and the Sarasota area.

Durable and attractive options for kitchens and baths, quartz countertops are engineered stone made from among the hardest minerals in existence. These countertops have grown in popularity in recent years because they are an attractive and affordable alternative to natural stone. Available in a wide array of colors and styles, they are remarkably resistant to cracks, chips, and stains.

Designer Marble & Granite, family-owned and operated since 1986, offers a vast selection of quartz countertops at our showroom.

Expert design and installation

Our design specialists can recommend the best countertops for your project. We’ll consider your preferences for durability, longevity, price, and style to narrow down a few options that would work well.

We’ll then help you choose the perfect slab and expertly install your new countertops in just one day. We offer sealants and polishes on each of our countertop options to help preserve the life and enhance the shine of your new counters.

What Do Quartz Countertops Look Like

Rather than being quarried natural stone slabs like granite, quartz countertops are a composite of quartz chips or dust and resin. Countertops with quartz chips often have an attractive speckled appearance because the quartz is visible as it’s suspended in the resin. In contrast, those engineered with quartz dust exhibit no speckling.

These two engineering methods allow for almost limitless color and style choices in quartz countertops, which gives quartz countertops an advantage over natural stone countertops like granite and marble. Unlike natural stone, quartz countertops lend themselves to customization so that they will match your vision as well as your backsplash, cabinets, or flooring.

How Durable Are Quartz Countertops

In the 1960s, Italian engineers created the quartz fabrication process specifically to make it more durable than other surfaces. Diamonds, which are the hardest minerals, score a 10 on the hardness scale, while quartz scores a 7. Most quartz countertop manufacturers are so confident of their durability that they offer very long warranties—from 10 years to a lifetime.

Many consumers consider quartz countertops to be among the best options in terms of durability. It might surprise you to know that quartz countertops are even more durable than granite and marble surfaces since quartz is a harder substance and completely non-porous, making it much less likely to crack or hold bacteria. 

How Much Maintenance Do Quartz Countertops Require

Ease of maintenance is one of the main reasons why quartz countertops are so popular. Because quartz countertops are composite and not pulled straight from the earth as a slab, the fabrication process seals them. This provides an advantage over natural stone, which might need resealing during the lifetime of the countertop.  

Quartz countertops are almost indestructible. They don’t easily chip, scratch, or burn. Our team at Designer Marble & Granite will give you maintenance advice, but it can be as easy as wiping quartz surfaces with mild soap and water. 

Easy Installation and Free Estimates

Ease of installation is another advantage of quartz countertops, but you should always use professionals to make sure to install them correctly. Designer Marble & Granite’s team of pros will help you throughout your project—from selecting your countertop to flawless installation.

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