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Designer Marble & Granite is family owned and operated since 1986. We provide a “One-Stop Shop” for all your new construction and remodeling needs, including countertops, tile, flooring, commercial renovations, and residential remodeling. We have a strong history of delivering excellent outcomes on residential and commercial projects, whether large or small, throughout Sarasota, the Suncoast and beyond.

Our facility comprises over 17,000 square feet of showroom, material, display, and fabrication facilities. Our team of expert fabricators and installers average over 10 years of service with DMG and are a key to our success in delighting our customers. We are ready to help you select and install the best products and designs to fit your needs!

The Benefits of Quartz

Kitchen and bathroom countertops are a long-term investment – after installing them, you will use your countertops for many years to come. Because of this, it’s essential to choose the right material. The durability and beauty of quartz can last for many years when you choose the right material and installation partner.

We provide services across the full lifecycle of your countertops.





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What Kind of Stone is Right For You?

It can be difficult to determine what kind of stone will suit you and your project. Below we describe the pros and cons of the three standard slab selections.


Granite is a raw natural material, and is applied to countertops after being cut and polished. Granite may be for you if you prefer pure, and unaltered material. Raw materials like Granite are even considered environmentally friendly, since it requires less manufacturing than Quartz.
Since Granite is 100% natural, that also means that it is a porous material. This means that in order to maintain your Countertop, it will require annual sealing. Porous Countertops are also more easily stained, scratched, and prone to cracks.


Quartz is an engineered stone, which means that it goes through a manufacturing process to become what it is. Quartz is nearly indestructible, and is partly created with heat-resistant resin, which means that it is foundationally sealed, and does not require as much maintenance as natural stone. Engineered stone also has more consistent color.
Quartz is prone to slight discoloring if it is exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods at a time.


Marble adds a beautiful, and exotic addition to your home. Although certain designer Marbles can be very expensive, there are certain marbles that are surprisingly affordable, even more so than standard Granite.
Marble is the softest of the 3 types of stone listed, and requires the most maintenance. This means that you will have to be extra careful around it. Even something as simple as a belt buckle could put in a deep scratch. Marble is not recommended for Kitchens, or other busy areas.


Always on time and very professional! This company does great work and we have had a long term working relationship with them. You can always count on them to get your job done right.
Fox Mirror & Glass
December 2020
I was very impressed with their countertop selections in their showroom! The owner and team were very helpful. I highly recommend!
Team United
December 2020
Great job!! Very happy with the whole process- very professional showroom- helpful designers- great communication- would highly recommend Designer Marble!!
C. Foster

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